95% Of People On LinkedIn Say “Whatever” To This!

I love LinkedIn! I really enjoy connecting with old classmates, work colleagues, friends and even long-lost family. Oh yeah, did I mention all the great people I have met working towards an online business the past few years too?

But I am quite fascinated by something.

It’s the lack of responsiveness on a personalized email that I send after initially connecting with somebody.

Please do not misconstrue my message as being bitter, or that I think the world owes me something. It doesn’t.

But I always find it very interesting that….

95% of people do not reply on LinkedIn when I send them a “welcome” email after I connect.

I send if after somebody invites me to connect, and when I invite somebody to connect with me.

Simply, I send a couple quick lines thanking them for connecting, and make sure to include a personal touch. I might bring up something I saw on their profile, or if I already know them it’s even easier to get personal! Then I list (with links) all of the other social media channels that they can connect with me on if interested. Finally, I include a quick summary sentence or two thanking them again for connecting.

Paul Castain from Sales Playbook taught me this years ago, and it makes a whole lotta sense.

The startling results, after several years of doing this, are 95% of people don’t reply.


  • Thanks!
  • Thanks Tim!
  • Great to connect!
  • Nice to meet you!
  • Appreciate the note!


  • A couple of quick sentences that might take 30 seconds max to craft.

Again, I’m not bitter. Just fascinated.

When people time to reach out to me, I always reply, unless it is total spam garbage. It may be short and sweet reply. I’m not Tony Robbins. I don’t get hundreds of emails per day. I have the time to send a quick note 🙂

I guess the ultimate question is,

If you either sent me an invite, or accepted my invitation, what was the point if you did not want to correspond“?

  • Collect “connections”?
  • Connect with me to get access to my connections and thus a wider network to potentially tap in to?
  • You were too polite to decline, and accepted only out of pity? 🙂

You get my point.

The mind can drum up some wonderful theories.

Life’s busy. We are all running. But some things are worth spending time on. I see spending time on LinkedIn connections as one of those things. If you just slap up a profile one day because you “think you have to”, maybe you should have considered doing something more productive with your time.

If people reach out to me, I might not reply today, or tomorrow. Heck I might not reply this week if I am on holidays, but I eventually reply. It will be a good day if my volume of email gets so large, that I have to hire a virtual assistant to help with my email correspondence.

The good news! The 5% that reply to my welcome email typically become very good connections.

If you have any stories to share about the “Unsocial Phenomenon of Social Media”, I would love if you left a comment, or reached out via one of my social channels.

Let’s have some fun with this and figure out why people are doing this, if they are not going to be social.

Because without the “social” part, it’s just “media” and watching people just blast out their content with an “all about me” attitude runs its course very quickly.

It hurts your brand and business, and that’s a fact!



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