The Go-Giver: A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea

Bob Burg has been a major influence of mine in the sales space. I have been following his work intently for years. There are many people out there preaching to the masses proclaiming that they are  “sales experts”. Bob is on a short list of people who actually are.

The Go-Giver is one of my favourite books. I have listened to the audio book version several times. One of the main reasons that I love this book, aside from the powerful lessons is it is an actual story. A fictional story about a sales person named Joe who learns several valuable lessons along the way about the power of giving.

Remember the old saying, “Give and you shall receive“?

Bob Burg and John David Mann put a new twist on this that will give you new perspective as you go to market promoting  products and services every day.


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