Post, Assess, Tweak, Repeat


There are many differing opinions about how often to post on social media sites, and……….


If you want your head to spin, “Google” these questions and see what comes up. Seriously there is so much information, and conflicting data you might wish you never looked in to it!

I recommend the, “Post, Assess, Tweak and Repeat” formula. Experiment. Try different things.

If you are new to posting on a social media site, just start before getting stuck by listening to what the experts say. As your posts becomes more frequent, you will get a feel for what works best for your audience.

Here are a few things that I have noticed or tried over the years with my social media posts:

I share (especially on Twitter) in time zones where I have a good following. If you want your reach to expand out of your “home area” you have to be aware of other time zones. For example, I am in the mountain time zone. If I want to catch people out east, I want to reach them before they dive in to their work day. So posting on Twitter at 4:30 am my time is not a stretch. It’s 6:30 am where they live, and they may be on social media before work.

Your audience might be different, but that’s why the, “Post, Assess, Tweak, Repeat” strategy is so important. DON’T panic. Remember you don’t have to actually be up that early  Tools like Hootesuite or Edgar can help  program content while you are still in a comfy bed. If you are working on capturing an audience across the globe, you will most certainly want to look at posting overnight too.

T Minus 100 Consistency Is Key!


I have developed a category on my blog called “T Minus 100”. These posts will be short, and to the point. 100 words or less. I would love every post to be epic in length, but with all of us being so busy, this will be a nice change from time to time!

Consistency in your social networking activities and personal brand building is paramount to the long-term viability of your business (or potential business that you are working towards).

Let’s make one thing clear, consistency does not have to mean 4 hours per day focusing on this, 7 days a week. Set realistic expectations for how much time you can commit to this, AND STICK WITH IT.

Even fifteen minutes per day will compound in a positive way over time.

Your audience will start to get in the habit of seeing you “around” a certain amount of time, and miss you when you are gone.

Be consistent, be visible and become a force online!

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It’s become a bit  of a cliche, but still true! An online connection of mine recommended this book to me, and I just had to pick it up after I heard so many good things about it.

I’ve listened to the audio book version and Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman deliver the content in a way that is “very friendly to the ear”. They kept me entertained from “front to back”.  I am always looking for new ways to develop content for my online projects and I found myself taking notes like crazy listening to their ideas.

I’ve had the pleasure of having some online correspondence with Ann and she has been nothing but cordial and engaging with me every time I reached out.

I highly recommend Content Rules, especially for those of you who consistently say things like “I’m stuck”, “I don’t know what to write”, and “I don’t know what to say next”.


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