The Days Matter!

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I was listening to a podcast earlier this week, where Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive, was the guest. It was an informative, entertaining half hour. One thing really stood out for me. She was talking about getting on track with her 2017 goals, and sticking with them.

She said,

“The Days Matter”.

I wasn’t sure where she was going at first, but she soon explained giving a fitness/health example.

When you have yearly goals, it’s easy to put off something until tomorrow, next week, or even next month for that matter. “I can do that later”. I’ve personally battled that many times on my fitness journey, and during my career.

I’ve caught myself saying, “Well I’ve still got XX days until that vacation to the beach. There’s still lots of time to get in shape. I’ll just do that tomorrow.”

In my business, I’ve caught myself saying things like, “I’ll write that blog post tomorrow, or connect with more people tomorrow, or improve my online presence next week”. Next thing you know, I’m spinning my tires and not moving forward.

We can all talk ourselves out of doing something in a few seconds, with a seemingly good excuse. Come on, you know you have too!

I believe Carrie’s main point was annual goals are too far out. The time frame makes it easy to put off until later. My wife is reading the book, “The 12 Week Year”. And I think that is a similar philosophy.

When you are working on fitness, a business, things around the home and your personal life, having “must do’s” every day should be part of a consistent schedule that you adhere to.

This type of thinking has been around forever, just Carrie’s take really hit the spot for me. I hadn’t worked out since before Christmas, and it was really starting to wear on me. I’m back now, and looking forward to sticking with it going forward.

The days do matter, and if you take each 24 hour period very seriously, you’ll reach your goals much faster!

Let me leave you with this,

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Ten Superstars That Keep Me PUMPED UP!

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Autumn can be rough.

Many people battle the blues after summer ends, especially northern climates like where I live when it can cool off quickly. We already have snow here in Edmonton, Canada 🙁

The days get shorter, there is more darkness, and it’s common to get stuck in a rut.

There are many distractions, in my case kids in school, other activities to participate in, and the blessed TV 🙂

We all have our guilty pleasure TV shows that we MUST watch, and many new programs start in September. Of course several sports leagues are in full swing this time of year. I battle this annually.

Like anything else right?

But when I need a little boost, I head directly to my social platforms and check in on my favourite people. I crank up the frequency of listening to podcasts, reading blogs, and books to keep me sharp and motivated.

Whose content do you check out when you need that extra boost?

I love to watch, listen &/or read:

Jane Anderson – Need some perspective on your personal brand, focusing on LinkedIn? Check out Jane’s content, and new book!

Fizzle – The Gang over at Fizzle just makes me happy 🙂 I listen to their podcast regularly, and I find the delivery so honest and entertaining! The team over there is awesome!

Angela Duckworth – Her Ted Talk on Grit captivated me. I listen monthly, and am buying the book as soon as I can. I heard her recently on a local radio station and was so excited. The premise of her content is so helpful, and should motivate us all to do great things. Check out her Ted Talk

Mel Robbins – She’s so awesome! I still watch her Ted Talk video “Stop Screwing yourself over” several times per year. She’s funny, incredibly direct, and gets you thinking for sure. It was a nice surprise to hear that she is now regularly contributing to Success Magazine. Check out her very popular Ted Talk

Paul Castain – Paul’s one of the first guys that I followed in the sales and leadership space, and I’ve never wavered! He’s the man! His consistency of showing up, ability to inspire but give tough love when necessary is much needed. He’s a whole lot of fun, doesn’t take himself too seriously and has a HUGE LinkedIn group to compliment his business.

Pat Flynn I’ve been following Pat for years. Smart, sincere, family guy, amazing content AND a super singer 🙂

Gary Vaynerchuk & I listen to him every day if possible. He’s a no bs type of guy, call’s it like it is, and an incredibly entertaining guy. He’s a pioneer online and is Massive!

Anthony Iannarino I LOVE his perspective on sales and leadership. He’s been around forever, has a new book out, and is a content creation machine!

Nametag Scott Scott’s been wearing a name tag for almost 6000 days, and makes money off it. How cool is that? You gotta check him out. His Ted Talk is

Tim Mushey & Now wait a minute! Why the heck would somebody put themselves on a list like this? This is not being arrogant, cocky or some weird attempt at being funny. But I regularly look back at my old content to remind myself that I am creative, I can make a difference and people like what I’m doing.

There have been many “ah-ha moments” over the years when I read a blog post, watched a video, or read all the comments I got for something I posted online and say, “darn, that was pretty good”.

Just a reminder. Would love if you took a minute to comment with who inspires you, and has go-to content that picks you back up when you are down (but not out).


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Struggling With Time? These 5 Tips Will Help!

We are all busy. There never seems to be enough time in the day.


Running with full-time jobs, extra curricular activities, responsibilities with kids, volunteer things… I could go on and on.

For those of us who are working towards other business opportunities while working full time, it can be a daunting task to find the time to make it all happen.

Check out this quick 90 second video with my 5 best tips for finding the time to get it all done 🙂


Editor’s note – I don’t normally golf in flip-flops but it was a fun, casual event 🙂

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Your Fingers & Mouth Affect Your Online Reputation

Everyone has opinions, and that’s awesome! Some choose to stay quiet and keep to themselves. Others are more than happy to dive right in and speak their mind on everything – controversial topics included. Those people are not as concerned about their reputation.

This might happen at a coffee shop with friends – that’s great. Or maybe out for a drink after work – also cool.

But how about on social networks, forums, or discussion groups?


Depends how you want your personal brand and reputation to be perceived,

Some people strategically talk about controversial topics to gain more traction in a niche. Ok, I get it. That can be beneficial.

Others choose to stay away from commonly controversial themes like politics, religion, or other hot-button topics that I can’t think of right now.

But one thing to consider about your online reputation before “wading in” to controversial topics is….

The damage can be permanent.

Just In Time Learning vs. Just In Case Learning

Bin of Info

A few weeks ago, I was driving around for work, listening to a podcast. Chase Reeves was talking about the concept of “just in time learning“, vs. “just in case learning“. I almost had to pull my car over to the side of the road. The comment hit me like a tonne of bricks.

For many years as I was learning online business, I was an “information collector”. Any resource I could get my hands on, I would either save to my laptop, or print and save it for later. As you can see from the picture above, I have a lot of information that I may use some day! Don’t get me wrong, it is a great idea to collect information to potentially utilize in your business in the future, but this much? Yikes! As I reflect upon why I kept so much stuff, I truly think it was a stalling mechanism. I was afraid to take the leap and start my business, and continually keeping information for some day made me feel better.

As I progressed and started to build my website, I was more dialed in to what I needed to do, and started to do much more “just in time learning“. If I needed some information, I sourced it, and would take action immediately. I felt much more fulfilled moving things forward with those action steps, rather than the inevitable delays that I had been incurring previously.

There is a tremendous amount of information out there as you start or improve your business, but you don’t need all of it. Be selective. I won’t admit how much time I spent copying transcripts from our of my favourite podcasts to my laptop. Much of that information is very helpful, but I did not have to waste all of that time archiving it. I could have just sourced it as I needed it.

Just in case learning” certainly has its place, but “just in time learning” is where it’s at. If you are confused by the two, ask yourself the simple question,

“Will this information help me take action now, or am I stalling and delaying doing what I really need to do?”

You certainly need some of both, but the feeling of accomplishment moving your business forward is much more rewarding.

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The Heart Of The Matter

Valentine day. Red heart on the blue boards. Valentine's Day. Heart pendant. Red heart. Space for text. Eighth of March. International Women's Day.

I first picked up a pen and paper in February of 2010. I had just started a new job, after losing the previous one three months earlier.

I fell in love with the idea of creating an online business, making it rich as fast as I could, and relocating to an island paradise. I’m still not sure what made me think that could happen, but I thought that way for a while. Then a heart-to-heart conversation with my wife made me realize that was unrealistic.

Once I had that reality check, I started to write as often as I could – sometimes a few times a week, sometimes less. I really enjoyed writing about sales and leadership, and kept a few other business ideas in a “For Later” file. I was hesitant to launch a blog. Who the heck would care what I had to say? I was just a regular guy, with no expert status, no nothing. I kept writing, and in the interim starting to meet many fantastic people on the social media channels that I had joined (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter).

Crush It! Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion

Crush It was one of the first audio books I ever listened to. It’s truly inspiring for those trying to make a go of it in online business. Don’t be alarmed that this book was released in 2009. The basic principles are still relevant today.

Gary shows people how to take their interests and turn them in to real businesses. Technology has made this all possible, but he will continue to remind you that there is never a replacement for hard work and true commitment towards achieving your goals.

If you ever needed to “listen” to a book, this is the one! When I was driving in my car taking in all the great information, it truly felt like Gary was sitting in the passenger seat telling me like it is. He’s been there, done that, and I am continually amazed how his career and companies quickly evolve over the years.

Gary grew up in New Jersey, and is one of my favourite speakers. Wanna here him unedited at his best on stage? Just type his name in to YouTube and have some fun watching and listening.


Live in Canada? Click here to buy “Crush It“!


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