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I’ve started a weekly section on my “Moosh’s Monday Mashup” called, “Social Media Follies“.

It’s a collection of strange, funny, and sadly entertaining things that I see online.

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Here’s the follies that I’ve discussed so far:

I recently started seeing a guy all over the place on Twitter. His name kept coming up, and he was following me on 2-3 of my different accounts. When I did more research, I realized he was duplicating his bios, had the same background, and the website link never changed either. I’ve seen an account as high as “BobSmith044” so I don’t know if he has 44 accounts, but he has a lot. My assessment is 4 letters long. L-A-M-E.


If your bio is mostly hashtagged words on Twitter, or all hashtagged words for that matter – you need a better strategy for getting eyeballs looking at your brand. My analysis consists of 9 letters: D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E. I’m always confused by people who do these things to give their brand a bad name #dontbelazy #dothework #getitdone #justdoit


I recently heard a story about a speaker who audited the social media content of many employees of a company before he spoke to them. They were all producing content on a regular basis. He was blown away that none – I repeat NONE, had interacted with people who had taken the time to leave comments as he looked back through several of their posts. How sad is that? So often, people think there is a “secret sauce” to building a solid following/community online. But really, there’s not. How about doing the simple things properly, and on a regular basis; like giving people the time of day who have taken the time out of their day to reach out? Like I always say, it will be a great day when you need to hire a personal assistant to help with online interactions with those who’ve commented.


Direct message on Twitter provide me with quite a bit of comic relief. I LOVE when somebody’s DM asks how I’m doing, I reply, then I never hear from them. Or, they ask what I’m working on, I reply, then nothing. Or… the best one, they say that I’m awesome or something comparable, but they’ve never even seen my content. Most of you know how I feel about these messages. But if you are going to ask questions in them, you sure as heck better take the time to answer.


Just a friendly reminder to “think before you post“. The long-term repercussions for your brand can be catastrophic from one momentary lapse in typing judgement.


I stopped by a couple of LinkedIn groups this week that I don’t go to very often. I noticed several posts from a few weeks ago, where the authors had received a handful of comments on each, but never took the time to stop by again and reply. If you are not prepared to engage and reply, then don’t bother posting! If you know you are going through a busy period, don’t post a question until you have more time to get involved in the conversation.


95% of people DO NOT respond to my “Thanks for connecting” email that I send as a follow-up to connecting on LinkedIn. I’m not mad or feel like they should give me the time of day; just really interested in why people bother to connect in general. Click here to see my blog post.


A huge “non shout-out” to those social media accounts that just blast out content and never engage. I’ve touched on this before, but I’m seeing it more in my daily travels online. If an account is clearly just looking to get you to click on ads and buy stuff, I’m out. I actually tweeted at an account the other day why there was no content based on what their bio said, but later deleted it. What was the point, nobody would reply anyways 🙂


Every week or so, I stumble across the same person on Twitter that is asking a specific question; I assume looking for follower participation. I keep an eye on the tweet for a few hours, and the number of replies is low. But they’ve never replied to me, or even liked a comment I’ve made. Weird hey? We are connected so it’s not like I’m a total social media stranger. Oh well!

I expect people to be better than this, when building a following online. And I hope this inspires people to stop some of the insanity out there!

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Have A Laugh Fridays – Pick Your Golf Partners Carefully!

Thanks to my wife for stumbling upon this short, but very funny 18 second video!

Be careful who you invite to golf with you. It might not be as fun as you want it to be 🙂

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Have A Laugh Fridays – 5 Silly Things People Try To Do To Connect!

Man Hand writing Laughter Is The Best Medicine with black marker on visual screen. Isolated on white. Business technology internet concept. Stock Photo


It is really really difficult to make quality online connections! It’s even harder to become known, liked and trusted to the point that people would actually consider purchasing your products and/or services.

Here are 5 things that always crack me up when people reach out to me.

  • “Hey”! or “Hi”! – What???? No first name? I’m sorry, but if I’m just on an email blast that you have sent out hoping for something to “stick”, that’s lame. My name is Tim. Please use it.
  • Guest post or adverting request – Occasionally I get a request from somebody to guest post, or advertise on my website. The first thing I always ask in reply via email is where else I can connect with them, to learn more about their business and brand. I know this may shock you, but approximately 95% disappear because you know, any extra effort beyond me just accepting their random request is too much work 🙂
  • DMs are D-U-M-B!  “You are fantastic“. “You rock“. “I’m enjoying your tweets“. DMs are direct messages on Twitter. It’s an automatic private message that is sent when you follow somebody. Sorry, these are dumb. A waste of time. How can you possibly say any of these things about me, when I just hit a follow button? Get to know people first, then take a couple of minutes out of your busy schedule and send a note if you have additional information for them
  • Personalize a LinkedIn invite – We are all busy. I get that. Life has us going a million miles per hour. But please take the time to personalize a LinkedIn invite. I bet you can get it down to 30 seconds or less per invite in no time at all. How much better do you feel when somebody sends you a personal note, rather than Bob Smith from Alto Bonito, Texas randomly asking you to connect. Who? Where? Why? 🙂
  • Adding people to your email list without their permissionNEVER ever do this, no matter how tempting it may be some time. Automatic “unsubscribe”!

Please leave a note in the comments below if you have any thing to add to this list. I know, some of the these tactics can be annoying. I prefer to laugh it off and go on with my day!

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Have A Laugh Fridays – Social Media In Real Life!

I love to laugh. Life gets a little serious sometimes, and we tend to forget that it is ok to “let your hair down” every now and then. What better time to have a little fun then on Fridays right?

Whenever possible, I will be posting a funny video, cartoon, infographic or even a quote on Fridays.

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In the inaugural episode on my new website, I feel like I really hit a home run (baseball is starting this weekend, seemed like a good time for a baseball reference)…….. Drumroll please ……


Jena Kingsley does a FANTASTIC job showing us what social media is like when it is acted out in real life.

Let me know what your favourite part is.

Mine starts at approximately 1:48.

Have a wicked-awesome weekend!

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