Do You Paint A Picture With Stories?

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When I was travelling for work recently, I finally started reading the latest book by ex-National Hockey League star Wayne Gretzky. I flipped to the back cover before I started reading. A quote struck me instantly,

When I think of online business and branding, stories are such a powerful way to convey messages. I consider myself pretty lucky, where I realized this early on and have always incorporated stories in to much of what I do.

Think of the most powerful lessons that you have learned over the years. Were the basis of those teachings statistics and stuff? Perhaps. More likely the things that were most memorable were derived from stories shared.

I just LOVE LOVE to convey my message via stories. Don’t ever be afraid to tell them. More often than not they will resonate with people, and get a conversation going.

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Tip #4 Where You At?

This is the fourth video in the ongoing series of my best social networking and personal branding tips.

Having your social media links as many places as possible will increase the chances that people connect with you there. If people think that you are only on Twitter for example, actively promoting where else you are will make them aware that you are elsewhere.

It’s all about eyeballs right? Not necessarily quantity of eyeballs, but people being able to consumer your content wherever they want.

Tip #3 Use One High Quality Head Shot

This is the third video in the ongoing series of my best social networking and personal branding tips.

Creating one high quality headshot will make it much easier to find you across all social media channels.

So often, I have trouble finding people, and move on very quickly to the next thing on my To Do 🙂



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Richard Branson’s Take On Personal Branding!



Hope you had an amazing summer if you live in the Northern Hemisphere!

If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re just getting started 🙂

I have a fantastic time with family, friends and colleagues. I seemed to be travelling most of the time and loving every minute of it!

Here in Edmonton, Canada, the weather seemed to change over night, and fall is upon us suddenly. Hopefully we are not done quite yet!

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what I want to do with my business going forward, and I’m still throwing around a few different ideas. One thing I do know is I want to create more videos. I’ve really enjoyed the process, need to refine a few technical things and keep getting better at it. Look for some video series from me this fall.

In the meantime, my brain is in “branding-mode” 24-7. I was researching some quotes recently and came across this gem from Richard Branson.

Such a great description of personal branding by one of the best!

PB June 7


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My First Video! I’m Pumped Up!




My first video has been created!

I used every excuse in the book to put this off for the past several months.

I was so excited to get going I even forgot to hold the camera sideways 🙂

All good. I left it in!

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Your Personal Brand Can Rock!

Rock band live. Rockstar singer on stage

What is personal branding?


Wikipedia defines it as,


“Personal Branding is the practice of people marketing themselves and their careers as brands. While previous self-help management techniques were about self-improvement, the personal-branding concept suggests instead that success comes from self-packaging.


It’s interesting to explore the different explanations of personal branding on the internet.

One of my favourites is,


“Simply, personal branding is what makes you different.” – Chalene Johnson


Did I mention that some people don’t even believe that personal branding is “a thing”?

In an incredibly noisy online space, how do you stand out?

Today more than ever, personal branding is incredibly important. The tools are there to stand out and be a game changer by helping those who really need it.

Many people undervalue their worth online in one, or multiple niches that they are working in.

Always remember that people love to work with like-minded people, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and build a kick-a** community of raving fans.


I had a long chat recently with a great online connection. It was nice finally corresponding by speaking one-on-one rather than just typing. He had some fantastic insight in to the concept of people really thinking through why they are doing something.

The definition of why is,

“For what reason or purpose.”



  • Why Can’t This Be Love? – Van Halen
  • Why Go? – Pearl Jam
  • Why Try? – Ariana Grande
  • Why Don’t You Get A Job? – Offspring
  • Why Don’t You Try? – Kelly Clarkson

No… not those why’s 🙂

“For what reason or purpose are you attempting to build your social networks

and personal brand”?

It seems like an easy question on the surface, but you might need a minute to really think about this.

(Pause – This is you thinking now)

One Brand, One Word, One NameTag!



Yep one word.

I see that one word and I think of a very specific brand that I follow.

Scott Ginsberg aka Nametag Scott!

5,696 consecutive days wearing a nametag.

Pretty amazing eh? (yep I’m Canadian sorry!)

Scott is a world recorder holder, and recognized by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

His content is fun, engaging and there’s a whole lot of it.

He has giveaways as long as you take the time to email him. Easy right?

It’s not often that I can connect the dots to a brand with one word, but Scott’s different.

He made a “name” for himself and is recognized by just one word.

Did I mention Scott makes everything he does fun?

I love his content, and wish there were more “Scott’s” online.

branding red grunge round vintage rubber stamp.branding stamp.branding round stamp.branding grunge stamp.branding.branding vintage stamp.


Short, sweet and memorable.

A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. – Seth Godin

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