Your Fingers & Mouth Affect Your Online Reputation

Everyone has opinions, and that’s awesome! Some choose to stay quiet and keep to themselves. Others are more than happy to dive right in and speak their mind on everything – controversial topics included. Those people are not as concerned about their reputation.

This might happen at a coffee shop with friends – that’s great. Or maybe out for a drink after work – also cool.

But how about on social networks, forums, or discussion groups?


Depends how you want your personal brand and reputation to be perceived,

Some people strategically talk about controversial topics to gain more traction in a niche. Ok, I get it. That can be beneficial.

Others choose to stay away from commonly controversial themes like politics, religion, or other hot-button topics that I can’t think of right now.

But one thing to consider about your online reputation before “wading in” to controversial topics is….

The damage can be permanent.

T Minus 100 – You Have Time, If You Make It!

Stopwatch with red second hand - Time concept

One of the biggest challenges that I hear from people about building their social networks and personal brand is lack of time. We’ve all battled it. There’s only 24 hours in a day.

Here’s 3 things to focus on:

  • Start with 1-2 social media sites and learn them well
  • Schedule time to work on them, like a business appointment or visit to the gym
  • Use scheduling tools to plan content ahead like Hootesuite or Edgar

The consistency that I discussed in my last post (click here) will be important as you move forward.

There is time if you make it!


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T Minus 100 – Consistency Is Where It’s At!

I have developed a category on my blog called “T Minus 100”. These posts will be short, and to the point. 100 words or less. I would love every post to be epic in length, but with all of us being so busy, this will be a nice change from time to time!

Consistency in your social networking activities and personal brand building is paramount to the long-term viability of your business (or potential business that you are working towards).

Let’s make one thing clear, consistency does not have to mean 4 hours per day focusing on this, 7 days a week. Set realistic expectations for how much time you can commit to this, AND STICK WITH IT. 

Your audience will start to get in the habit of seeing you “around” a certain amount of time, and miss you when you are gone.

Be consistent, be visible and become a force online!


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What’s Your Edge?


When I started my online journey several years ago I battled uncertainty and doubt. Thoughts regularly came up like:

  • So many other people are already excelling in (insert niche)
  • What could I possibly share that hasn’t been discussed before?
  • What value could a newcomer like myself bring to the “party”?

Over time as I gained momentum and started to feel pretty good about things, I certainly realized that I had an Edge.

The Baseball Beer Vendor Lessons!


So, like – there are lots of us on earth right?

Many of us are trying to stand out from the crowd and do “out of the ordinary stuff”.

Heck many people are trying to do ordinary stuff but still get noticed.

Like delivering beer to people’s seats at a baseball game.

There’s no way to stand out from the crowd doing that right?


Just Go “Google” Yourself!

Generic search box depicting searching World Wide Web, local computer of other search related program.


Remember way way back in the day if somebody wanted to find out what you were all about, they either had to ask someone else, or ask you directly?

Well this internet thing has been a real game changer for researching people!

I hop on Google several times a month to see what shows up for my name, and website.

Scott Ginsberg, aka “Nametag Scott” is somebody that I admire greatly. I follow his content on a regular basis, and find it very thought provoking, relevant to those developing a personal brand, and may I say DARN entertaining 🙂

Check out this video to see how he turned wearing a name tage 24-7 in to a thriving business.