Don’t Overthink Social Networking – Keep It Simple!

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It’s easy to get caught in the trap of thinking the more complicated something is, the more successful it will become.



This is what I thought as I started to show up daily on several social media channels. I soon realized that was not the case. Doing the simple tasks well, all of the time has helped me every day online.

More difficult things can be learned over time if I think it will move my business forward, but the days are done that I wake up thinking that I have to overcomplicate this.

Here are a few things that I remind myself to stay focused on daily:

  • Engage don’t just broadcast – You need to form relationships online by communicating with people, not just telling people what you are doing all the time
  • It’s ok to laugh and “smile” online – Credibility is not achieved by being “all business all the time“. Let people see the real you
  • Use same profile picture across all social media channels – Make it easy for people to find you. This is a must if your name is “Bob Smith”, not as big a deal if your name is “Tim Mushey” (there’s only one of me on earth). But I still do it anyways!
  • Post social media profile links wherever you can – Many social media platforms have places to link other social links to. Do so wherever you can. Put them in your email signature too. The more visible the links are, the greater chance people will connect
  • Consistently show up – I will continue to beat this to death. Showing up for even a few minutes each day, will pay more dividends long-term vs. showing up for longer periods of time every two weeks
  • Don’t get lazy on invitations to connect – Personalize via email or LinkedIn. Test yourself over time. I bet you can personalize an invite in 15-20 seconds. That’s important enough to commit the time to do this properly right?
  • Use images – Hubspot says that people process images 60,000 faster than text. Really think about that for a minute. What an incredible statistic!
  • Reply! – Take the time to reply to people when they reach out via social media or email. When you get so big that you don’t have time to reply to everyone, that will be a good problem to have! Then you can hire somebody to help you 🙂


Starting or growing a social following can seem like a difficult thing to do, if you don’t approach it the right way. But if you keep things in perspective, and get really good at doing the simple things well, it will grow over time. It may start a little slower than you would like, but keep working at it.

My results are proof that social networking does not have to be as complicated as trying to put humans on mars , but be patient and stick to the things I have outlined.



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Post, Assess, Tweak, Repeat!


There are many differing opinions about how often to post on social media sites, and……….


If you want your head to spin, “Google” these questions and see what comes up. Seriously there is so much information, and conflicting data you might wish you never looked in to it!

I recommend the, “Post, Assess, Tweak and Repeat” formula. Experiment. Try different things.

If you are new to posting on a social media site, just start before getting stuck by listening to what the experts say. As your posts becomes more frequent, you will get a feel for what works best for your audience.

Here are a few things that I have noticed or tried over the years with my social media posts:

I share (especially on Twitter) in time zones where I have a good following. If you want your reach to expand out of your “home area” you have to be aware of other time zones. For example, I am in the mountain time zone. If I want to catch people out east, I want to reach them before they dive in to their work day. So posting on Twitter at 4:30 am my time is not a stretch. It’s 6:30 am where they live, and they may be on social media before work. Your audience might be different, but that’s why the, “Post, Assess, Tweak, Repeat” strategy is so important. DON’T panic. Remember you don’t have to actually be up that early 🙂 Tools like Hootesuite or Edgar can help  program content while you are still in a comfy bed. If you are working on capturing an audience across the globe, you will most certainly want to look at posting overnight too.

Tim’s Take On Twitter – An Introduction

BELGRADE - FEBRUARY 02 2014 Logo of popular social media website Twitter on smart phone screen


If I was only able to utilize one social media platform going forward, hands down it would be Twitter. I’m still not sure why. Maybe it’s because I have a secondary Twitter account that I reserve for my loves of hockey and music. My guilty pleasure “break in the action” to see what is up with my favourite teams and bands.

Or maybe it’s because I have very close connections that I communicate with through my business profile on a regular basis. We often take the time to promote each other,  introduce each other to new people, and share interesting content.

I find it’s really easy to use once you understand the basics. I can consume as much content as I want in a relatively short period of time.

Tim’s Take On Facebook – An Introduction

ZAPORIZHZHYA, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 07, 2014: White Smart Phone with Facebook Social Network Log In Screen on the Black Table.


I’ve had a personal Facebook page for many years, and started a facebook fan page for my business in 2013. It takes work to get fans to “like” your page, but the added exposure can be well worth it. I am learning more and more each day, and look forward to sharing that information with you over time.

One of my main motivators for having a fan page is engagement. I want to get people not only “liking” my content, but commenting on it too. I never miss an opportunity to reply and keep the conversation going.

Facebook is great for that.

Facebook has a good explanation of how a page differs from a personal profile. See it here.

Tim’s Take On Instagram – An Introduction

Moscow Russia - August 26 2014: instagram app open in the mobile phone HTC.HTC Corporation main direction rapidly developing market of smartphones. Instagram free application sharing photos and videos


Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service. Users can take pictures and videos, and share them on other social networking sites.

I joined in the spring of 2015. It has been HUGE for quite a while.

I really enjoy the concept of a social media platform dedicating itself to sharing photos especially. Videos can only be a maximum of 15 seconds long, so this platform is much different than say YouTube. There is still space under each photo or video to write what each post is about.

Tim’s Take On Google+ – An Introduction

BELGRADE - MARCH 11 2014 Social media icon Google Plus on smart phone screen

Google+ has been around since 2011. Posting photos and status updates are two of the main things that people do on this social network. Another interesting feature is the ability to group people in to circles, which act like lists of people to follow. One thing that I keep hearing about is Google Hangouts. These are multi-person instant messaging, text and video chats. I can’t wait to try one.

There is also the ability to edit and upload photos to private albums that are based in “the cloud“. In case you did not know, “the cloud” is,

“A viable mass of condensed water vapour floating in the atmosphere, typically above the ground”.

Ooops! Wrong cloud 🙂

Essentially cloud based storage is a technical term where data is stored online. It’s not saved to a hard drive or memory stick.