Post, Assess, Tweak, Repeat


There are many differing opinions about how often to post on social media sites, and……….


If you want your head to spin, “Google” these questions and see what comes up. Seriously there is so much information, and conflicting data you might wish you never looked in to it!

I recommend the, “Post, Assess, Tweak and Repeat” formula. Experiment. Try different things.

If you are new to posting on a social media site, just start before getting stuck by listening to what the experts say. As your posts becomes more frequent, you will get a feel for what works best for your audience.

Here are a few things that I have noticed or tried over the years with my social media posts:

I share (especially on Twitter) in time zones where I have a good following. If you want your reach to expand out of your “home area” you have to be aware of other time zones. For example, I am in the mountain time zone. If I want to catch people out east, I want to reach them before they dive in to their work day. So posting on Twitter at 4:30 am my time is not a stretch. It’s 6:30 am where they live, and they may be on social media before work.

Your audience might be different, but that’s why the, “Post, Assess, Tweak, Repeat” strategy is so important. DON’T panic. Remember you don’t have to actually be up that early  Tools like Hootesuite or Edgar can help  program content while you are still in a comfy bed. If you are working on capturing an audience across the globe, you will most certainly want to look at posting overnight too.

The More The Merrier


When I first started on Twitter, I had an amazing plan. I would follow as many people as I could, and they would all follow me back.



You hit a follow limit, then you can’t follow more people until you get more followers (or unfollow some). My plan was to accumulate as many connections as I could on each social platform, and then boom – I would be rich!

Certainly a large following can lead to success, but 500,000 followers on Instagram is not realistic for somebody starting out. Maybe someday, but not on day 1. Or on the day you decide to refocus on your business.

I want you to focus on this –

Quality of connections not quantity.

I’ve heard several stories of entrepreneurs with small targeted email subscriber lists, and/or “lower than average” followings on social media who are doing great. Those people have meaningful connections and that’s what it is all about.

All too often I see people accept invitation requests on LinkedIn, or just randomly follow somebody on Instagram, and that is the end of the relationship. That should be the start! I am also seeing more people periodically “clean up” connections that are dormant and they don’t have any relationship with. What a great idea!

Take some time and write down what an ideal target connection would look like, and focus on them. Use it as a guide. Sometimes you will still go “off the grid” and add somebody that is on a totally different path, and that is ok.

If you have committed to building your social networks and personal brand long term, you need to remember that this will not happen overnight. Sorry you are not Taylor Swift or Justin Bieber.

But focus on what you need to do every day, do it well and find people that you want to connect with.

Psssssstttt… Want to know a secret….

They will find you too as you gain more traction online.

You want the opposite of the below quote for your social networks!



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Happy social networking!

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T Minus 100 You Have The Time

One of the biggest challenges that I hear from people about building their social networks and personal brand is lack of time. We’ve all battled it. There’s only 24 hours in a day.

Here’s 3 things to focus on:

#1 Start with 1-2 social media sites and learn them well

#2 Schedule time to work on them, like a business appointment or visit to the gym

#3 Use scheduling tools to plan content ahead like Hootesuite or Edgar

The consistency that I discussed in recently will be important as you move forward.

There is time if you make it!

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5 Social Networking No No’s


It is really really difficult to make quality online connections! It’s even harder to become known, liked and trusted to the point that people would actually consider purchasing your products and/or services.

Here are 5 things that always crack me up when people reach out to me.

#1 “Hey”! or “Hi”! – What???? No first name? –  I’m sorry, but if I’m just on an email blast that you have just sent out hoping for something to “stick”, that’s lame. My name is Tim. Please use it.

#2 Occasionally I get a request from somebody to guest post, or advertise on my website. The first thing I always ask in reply via email is where else I can connect with them, to learn more about their business and brand. I know this may shock you, but approximately 95% disappear because you know, any extra effort beyond me just accepting their random request is too much work 🙂

#3 DMs are D-U-M-B!  “You are fantastic”. “You rock”. “I’m enjoying your tweets”. DMs are direct messages on Twitter. It’s an automatic private email that is sent when you follow somebody. Sorry, these are dumb. A waste of time. How can you possibly say any of these things about me, when I just hit a follow button? Get to know people first, then take a couple of minutes out of your busy schedule and send a note if you have additional information for them to consume

#4 – Personalize a LinkedIn invite – We are all busy. I get that. Life has us going a million miles per hour. But please take the time to personalize a LinkedIn invite. I bet you can get it down to 30 seconds or less per invite in no time at all. How much better do you feel when somebody sends you a personal note, rather than Bob Smith from Alto Bonito, Texas randomly asking you to connect. Who? Where? Why? 🙂

#5 Adding People To Your Email List Without Their Permission –  NEVER ever do this, no matter how tempting it may be sometimes. Automatic “unsubscribe!!!

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And Your Best Online Connection Is..

Image courtesy of Big Stock Photo


Only you know the answer to that! Even if you are just starting to build your social networks, you must have somebody whose content and personality that you admire already.

Take a moment to think about it.

How does your best online connection make you feel when…

  • they teach you about something
  • they connect you with other like-minded people
  • share your content
  • make you laugh
  • pick you up when you need it most

Hopefully they feel the same when you do some (or hopefully all) of those things for them too!

The “Connect & Barf Method” Never Works!


Imagine you are at an after work business mixer. You meet somebody for the first time, shake hands then exchange business cards. What would their body language be, and what would they say if the next thing you did was try and sell them something?

Exactly 🙂

So why do so many people think it is ok to do this when connecting online for the first time?

I could rattle off many examples when this has happened to me. I am stunned and bewildered every time. I am now less and less surprised because it is becoming more prevalent in the online space.