Music In My Life, Gord Downie & Memories!

Waking up at the start of a short week is tough enough, but hearing the news that Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip has cancer makes it tougher.

He has brain cancer, and it’s terminal. What a kick in the gut that news is!

We hear news like this all too often, but when it’s somebody in the spotlight that has giving you so many happy memories, it really stings.

Gord and his bandmates hit the bar scene in 1983 in Ontario, Canada and the rest is history. They never hit it big in the U.S. although they did play once on Saturday Night Live. I’m not sure if they really cared about the U.S limelight though. Because for well over 30 years, they have been Canada’s band. No matter the city, no matter the venue, no matter the weather, Gord and the rest of the guys, always brought it, every freakin’ night.

Three things stood out for me about Gord Downie when I heard this news.

  1. His lyrics have left a lasting impression on me. I’m not sure if I can recite as many lyrics of any of my favourite bands as I can with the Tragically Hip.
  2. His on stage performances, long rants included. Gord has a tendency to go off-topic on long rants during songs which became his signature. They were always entertaining, sometime a little drawn out, but that is him.
  3. His passion for what he does. His energy, positive enthusiasm, and LOVE for his fans has always been something that I took note off.

I have so many memories of great shows. Who could forget the annual summer festival “Another Roadside Attraction“?

  • The Winnipeg Stadium shows were amazing!
  • The Assiniboia Downs show was just as fun!
  • The Winnipeg Arena Shows – Epic!
  • Rexall Place shows in Edmonton – A blast!
  • Camrose Stage 13 Festival – Almost blew away in a wind storm but Gord still rocked!

On an 8 hour bus ride for our high school grad trip in 1991, some classmates kept playing the Tragically Hip “Road Apples” album over and over again. I was so sick of it. But after I returned home, and reevaluated my disdain for the band, I quickly changed my mind and was all in. I’m still not sure what flicked the switch and made me a super fan!

I travelled to Australia in 1998. Whenever the Tragically Hip music came on, it was a “Canadian Bonding Moment“. I can vividly remember several occasions when we, the backpacking Canadians, hit the dance floor and sang their anthems word for word.

Several Australians asked me during my trip, “Who is that?” They are awesome!

I actually dubbed (recorded) a cassette tape (yes it was 1998) for a boss of mine who wanted my “Hip Mix” while on that trip.

Here are some of my favourite lyrics from Gord Downie:

At The Hundredth Meridian

If I die of vanity, promise me, promise me
If they bury me some place I don’t want to be
You’ll dig me up and transport me, unceremoniously
Away from the swollen city breeze, garbage bag trees
Whispers of disease and the acts of enormity
And lower me slowly and sadly and properly
Get Ry Cooder to sing my eulogy

At the hundredth meridian (hundredth meridian)
At the hundredth meridian (you’re going to miss me)
At the hundredth meridian (trust me)
Where the great plains begin (at the hundredth meridian)
At the hundredth meridian (at the hundredth meridian)
At the hundredth meridian (baby, you’re going to miss me)
At the hundredth meridian (trust me)
Where the great plains begin

Wheat Kings

Sundown in the Paris of the prairies
Wheat kings have all treasures buried
And all you hear are the rusty breezes
Pushing around the weathervane Jesus

In his Zippo lighter he sees the killer’s face
Maybe it’s someone standing in a killer’s place
Twenty years for nothing, well, that’s nothing new
Besides, no one’s interested in something you didn’t do

Wheat kings and pretty things
Let’s just see what the morning brings


Angst on the planks, spitting from a bridge
Just to see how far down it really is
Robbing a bank, jumping from a train
Old antiques a man alone can entertain

It takes all your power
To prove that you don’t care
I’m not Cordelia
I will not be there
I will not be there
I will not be there


There’s no simple
For anything important
Any of us do
And, yeah, the human
Consists in
The necessity
Of living with
The consequences
Under pressure
Under pressure

Courage, my word
It didn’t come, it doesn’t matter

It feels strange even trying to put a business spin on this, but humour me for a moment.



There are not a lot of celebrities that go by just one name in Canada, but I would venture a guess that most people between the ages of 24 and 55 would know who “Gord” or “Gordie” is.

I can’t imagine what Gord is going through right now, but I hope he feels some comfort that he has the love of a nation behind him. It’s amazing to me, that he’s planning on doing one final tour for some combination of himself, the band, his family and the fans. Or maybe it’s for everyone 🙂

It’s going to be incredible, and I CANNOT wait to see it!



Click this link to the announcement of his illness:

Thanks Gord! For everything!

Tim’s Tangents – Online Overwhelm & “Panning For Gold”!

I am so excited to launch this website, and truly have fun helping people do things that they love! I’m particularly pumped to write “Tim’s Tangent’s” posts. Within the “tangent” may be the occasional “rant”, but my hope is it all ties together for the greater good of my overall message.

Learning online is tough. There is so much information out there, it’s hard to decipher what is legit or not. I had a very fortunate break early on, when I was referred to some successful online entrepreneurs via a Tony Robbins audio series. I still follow most of those people to this day. But if I did not acquire that knowledge, I’m not sure who I would have turned to for my “online mentorship”.

There are many business people out there who provide MASSIVE value, unfortunately a small group tends to give the industry a bad name. I count myself fortunate that I have only purchased quality products along the way on my quest to be savvy online.

The Heart Of The Matter

Valentine day. Red heart on the blue boards. Valentine's Day. Heart pendant. Red heart. Space for text. Eighth of March. International Women's Day.

I first picked up a pen and paper in February of 2010. I had just started a new job, after losing the previous one three months earlier.

I fell in love with the idea of creating an online business, making it rich as fast as I could, and relocating to an island paradise. I’m still not sure what made me think that could happen, but I thought that way for a while. Then a heart-to-heart conversation with my wife made me realize that was unrealistic.

Once I had that reality check, I started to write as often as I could – sometimes a few times a week, sometimes less. I really enjoyed writing about sales and leadership, and kept a few other business ideas in a “For Later” file. I was hesitant to launch a blog. Who the heck would care what I had to say? I was just a regular guy, with no expert status, no nothing. I kept writing, and in the interim starting to meet many fantastic people on the social media channels that I had joined (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter).