Have A Laugh Fridays – Social Media In Real Life!

I love to laugh. Life gets a little serious sometimes, and we tend to forget that it is ok to “let your hair down” every now and then. What better time to have a little fun then on Fridays right?

Whenever possible, I will be posting a funny video, cartoon, infographic or even a quote on Fridays.

If you have something that you think I should post for “Have A Laugh Fridays”, please email it to:

  • Tim@TimMushey.com

In the inaugural episode on my new website, I feel like I really hit a home run (baseball is starting this weekend, seemed like a good time for a baseball reference)…….. Drumroll please ……


Jena Kingsley does a FANTASTIC job showing us what social media is like when it is acted out in real life.

Let me know what your favourite part is.

Mine starts at approximately 1:48.

Have a wicked-awesome weekend!

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.


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