How Badly Do You Want It?

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I spoke at a local Toastmasters Conference several years ago and had a tremendous time! My discussion focused on the basics of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and how to use the social website “Meetup” to attract guests to local club meetings.

When my presentation was over, I continued to chat with several attendees. A couple of people took particular interest in what I was doing online with social media to build my brand. I recall comments like,

  • “You obviously don’t have kids. How could you do all this other stuff and work full-time?”
  • “What kind of day job do you have?”
  • “How much time do you spend on social media per day?”

They commented on their busy lives, and how utilizing social media to improve their future seemed nearly impossible. I was getting nervous and was not sure what to say next. My instincts finally kicked in. I proceeded to say one phrase in a very confident (but non-confrontational) tone,

“How badly do you want it?”

I then continued…

“Actually I do have two kids. I work full-time out of the house. We are as busy like most families, seemingly running all the time. But I make it all work. I have blogged for two years, spent at least 15 minutes per day building my brand most days over the past 3 years.”

“I focus on doing my “social media brand building” before the family gets up in the morning, or late at night. If it is on a weekend, I sneak away from them for short periods of time. The only reason I can commit to the crazy hours is that I LOVE WHAT I AM DOING!”

I later mentioned the “Little Bit Everyday” mantra that I learned from Jeb Blount over at Sales Gravy. I love the gym analogy. People think that they have to buy a gym membership and workout at least one hour per day to get in shape. Small chunks of time on a regular basis makes a difference as well. Some days I spend hours on my online presence, others only a few minutes.

But I show up ALL THE TIME. You can’t start engaging with social media, get all excited, then disappear for weeks at a time. If I see profiles like that, I am gone, never to return.

When that conversation was done, one of the attendees said to me,

“I never thought of it like that“!

I was happy the message resonated with them, once I explained balancing family life, and moving my consulting opportunities forward.

  • How do you balance everything if you are working full-time with a regular “day job”
  • How much time do you spend daily on social media, blogging and building your brand?
  • What struggles do you face as you try to move your business forward?

“When you look at people who are successful, you will find that they aren’t the people who are motivated, but have consistency in their motivation.” – Arsene Wenger

Many people are struggling just to get through the day, and it would be nice to share ideas about how successful people are able to manage all of their commitments!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this very important topic!


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