Just Go “Google” Yourself!

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Remember way way back in the day if somebody wanted to find out what you were all about, they either had to ask someone else, or ask you directly?

Well this internet thing has been a real game changer for researching people!

I hop on Google several times a month to see what shows up for my name, and website.

What I look for is:

  • What shows up on the first page (and what may have dropped off)
  • What new search results are showing up
  • What new “shares” of my content are listed; where I owe somebody a thank you
  • Is there anything negative being said that I should look in to
  • Some people have very common names, so it is a good idea to see where your content may be getting confused with somebody else’s

It’s fun to scroll through pages of results as I reflect on my online journey so far!

Your brand can become very powerful, and what shows up on web searches can help by providing people with the opportunity to get to know you quickly.

If what shows up online is all positive, then you are good to go!

If you are seeing a lot of negativity, probably time to review your branding strategies and initiate some changes for the future.


  • When is the last time you “Googled” yourself?
  • Were you surprised with some of the search results (good and/or bad)?
  • Are you going to pay more attention to your online search results in the future?


The tools are there to take your game to the next level.

You might as well embrace them and build as strong a personal brand possible!


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