Social Media Follies

I’ve started a weekly section on my “Moosh’s Monday Mashup” called, “Social Media Follies“.

It’s a collection of strange, funny, and sadly entertaining things that I see online.

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Here’s the follies that I’ve discussed so far:

I recently started seeing a guy all over the place on Twitter. His name kept coming up, and he was following me on 2-3 of my different accounts. When I did more research, I realized he was duplicating his bios, had the same background, and the website link never changed either. I’ve seen an account as high as “BobSmith044” so I don’t know if he has 44 accounts, but he has a lot. My assessment is 4 letters long. L-A-M-E.


If your bio is mostly hashtagged words on Twitter, or all hashtagged words for that matter – you need a better strategy for getting eyeballs looking at your brand. My analysis consists of 9 letters: D-E-S-P-E-R-A-T-E. I’m always confused by people who do these things to give their brand a bad name #dontbelazy #dothework #getitdone #justdoit


I recently heard a story about a speaker who audited the social media content of many employees of a company before he spoke to them. They were all producing content on a regular basis. He was blown away that none – I repeat NONE, had interacted with people who had taken the time to leave comments as he looked back through several of their posts. How sad is that? So often, people think there is a “secret sauce” to building a solid following/community online. But really, there’s not. How about doing the simple things properly, and on a regular basis; like giving people the time of day who have taken the time out of their day to reach out? Like I always say, it will be a great day when you need to hire a personal assistant to help with online interactions with those who’ve commented.


Direct message on Twitter provide me with quite a bit of comic relief. I LOVE when somebody’s DM asks how I’m doing, I reply, then I never hear from them. Or, they ask what I’m working on, I reply, then nothing. Or… the best one, they say that I’m awesome or something comparable, but they’ve never even seen my content. Most of you know how I feel about these messages. But if you are going to ask questions in them, you sure as heck better take the time to answer.


Just a friendly reminder to “think before you post“. The long-term repercussions for your brand can be catastrophic from one momentary lapse in typing judgement.


I stopped by a couple of LinkedIn groups this week that I don’t go to very often. I noticed several posts from a few weeks ago, where the authors had received a handful of comments on each, but never took the time to stop by again and reply. If you are not prepared to engage and reply, then don’t bother posting! If you know you are going through a busy period, don’t post a question until you have more time to get involved in the conversation.


95% of people DO NOT respond to my “Thanks for connecting” email that I send as a follow-up to connecting on LinkedIn. I’m not mad or feel like they should give me the time of day; just really interested in why people bother to connect in general. Click here to see my blog post.


A huge “non shout-out” to those social media accounts that just blast out content and never engage. I’ve touched on this before, but I’m seeing it more in my daily travels online. If an account is clearly just looking to get you to click on ads and buy stuff, I’m out. I actually tweeted at an account the other day why there was no content based on what their bio said, but later deleted it. What was the point, nobody would reply anyways 🙂


Every week or so, I stumble across the same person on Twitter that is asking a specific question; I assume looking for follower participation. I keep an eye on the tweet for a few hours, and the number of replies is low. But they’ve never replied to me, or even liked a comment I’ve made. Weird hey? We are connected so it’s not like I’m a total social media stranger. Oh well!

I expect people to be better than this, when building a following online. And I hope this inspires people to stop some of the insanity out there!

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Some Fun Social Media Experiment Data Coming Soon!

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about topics that I want to teach, and what I REALLY enjoy doing. I know, it might sound crazy to do something that you actually like to do, but that’s what the experts recommend. All joking aside, I’m making a short list of things that fascinate me, and one of those things is the lack of socialness by many people on social media. I’m excited to do a social experiment over the next while.

In case you missed this post, this has been one of my more popular articles over the past several years, and discusses that topic.

Click here to check it out: 95% Of People On LinkedIn Say “Whatever” To This!

I wasn’t bitter, or feel like the world owed me something, but I was somewhat surprised by the lack of response.

Fast forward to today.

I have a new Twitter account that has been created specifically to develop a community of like-minded social beings by replying to and sharing tweets.  Yes I copied that right from my bio!


You can follow me at:

Tim Mushey “In Reply To” on Twitter

And I most certainly will follow back.


To be honest, I think it’s thrown some people off who stumble across me, because it’s the furthest thing from,

What’s in it for me, driving traffic, creating leads etc.” that you will see on Twitter.

I’m approaching 1000 followers and I have not published one blog post, video, or podcast episode. Nothing original!

I’ve been having a BLAST connecting with people from all backgrounds, and proving the point that you can create a following with minimal original content. I’m trending at about 99% sharing, commenting etc. With 1% –  the very rare original tweet.

I’ve met:

  • authors
  • speakers
  • mom bloggers
  • dad bloggers
  • fitness bloggers
  • health and nutrition peeps
  • affiliate marketers
  • leadership types
  • those darn sales people 🙂
  • musicians
  • artists
  • comedians

The list goes on and on. It’s been nice to meet so many new people, and reconnect with those who follow me elsewhere.



For the experiments, I’m going to reach out to a predetermined number of people over the period of one day in each iteration of the experiment, and give them a reasonable amount of time to reply.

I will look at things like:

  • Thank people for connecting, and follow-up with a question
  • Reply to a question that somebody has already posted that is clearly seeking a response
  • Retweet a post with a comment and ask a question
  • Send out a tweet suggesting that two people in my network get to know each other
  • Reply to some of the classic tweets that people post.. like when they are starting a vacation, just checked in somewhere, or clearly want to start a conversation
  • Thank people for retweeting my comment and then ask a question

If you are thinking that I’m going to be reaching out to Tony Robbins, Oprah or Ellen and am expecting a response, that’s not the goal. I’m going to reach out to every day people who have a moderate amount of followers.

I’m so excited to share my experiment results. If you have anything else that you want me to research and report back with, comment on this blog post, or send me a note via social media.

Let’s get social and keep this community growing!

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7 Simple Face-To-Face Networking Tips


A conceptual vector illustration of an apple and orange shaking hands. Opposites attract or different but equal or perhaps a diverse partnership.

If you’ve been following my content for a while, you know that I’m a big proponent of taking social media connections and getting to know them better with face-to-face interactions. You can grab a coffee if they are local, set up a Skype call – whatever. Every online connection that I have seen and heard has always taken our “relationship” to the next level.

But what about casting even a wider net and attending local events with the goal of meeting new people?

This can be a little scary, if you are new to this type of networking. But trust me, if a guy who still stutters can put themselves out there, you can too!

I went to an event recently by myself, which requires a different strategy than going with a friend. I’ve found that going by yourself forces you to be more social. That “security blanket” of having somebody with you makes it easier to avoid contact with complete strangers. I highly recommend getting uncomfortable and going by yourself some time to take your networking to the next level.

Here are seven tips that I came up with after attending the event:

  1. Break the ice by making your first interaction of the night an easier one. If there are trade show booths set up, chat with somebody at one of them.  Or do a “warm intro” with somebody you are connected with through social media that you recognize, but haven’t actually met yet. If you see any of the organizers of the event, those are great people to speak with too.
  2. Listen more than you talk when meeting new people.  Be ready with a quick elevator pitch about what you do, but focus on asking them open-ended questions and sitting back and listening. It’s a good idea to have at least 5 questions ready to ask, even if you only use 2 or 3. There’s nothing worse than that awkward moment when you (or the other person) don’t know what to say next. Over time, make a list of questions that people seem to like answering the most, and use those again.
  3. Get other people’s business cards – then you are in control. If they only get your card, you are in trouble. Now you can only hope that they reach out, if you did not remember their name. Follow up with an email or social media interaction shortly after the event. What’s your next step to developing that connection?
  4. If you see two people that you know, that may benefit by knowing each other, introduce them. Get the reputation early on in your networking career of becoming a “master connector.”
  5. NEVER ever be salesy on that first interaction. Imagine how silly you will look if you’ve known somebody for 30 seconds, and get pitchy about what you do! They obviously can’t unfollow you at a networking event, but they can quickly make up an excuse to walk away 🙂
  6. Relax! You won’t be an expert at these events right away. Some days you will be on your game more than others, but your skills will get better over time, if you are open to learning from your mistakes
  7. Smile a lotALWAYS a great strategy!

This is what actually happened:

  • I approached a trade show booth as soon as I got there, and interacted with one of the people working at it. It was a bit of an awkward conversation, but served as my warm up for the night
  • I then recognize a contact from a referral group that I used to belong to. It was a great way to get social early in the evening, and catch up with somebody that I knew at another booth
  • I started a conversation with two people from vastly different industries and had a long chat with them. They were at the event together, and I made sure to ask questions specific to each of them, so one did not feel left out
  • One gentlemen came right up to me, and said he knew me. After I blanked for a moment, I realized that we had coffee before, and corresponded several times over the last few years. We sat together during the formal part of the event
  • I wanted to talk to a social media connection that I recognized, but she was very busy speaking to other people. I sent a follow-up note that I recognized her, and complimented her for asking a great question during the Q&A period of the presentation
  • I noticed one other person that I thought I knew, so I reached out after the event to see if it was them. I lost them in the crowd when the event was at its busiest
  • I had a brief chat with one of the organizers of the event, after they saw me signing up for email updates from their group at an event table
  • Thanked the two people at the event that had invited me, and made sure to connect with them on social media when I got home, followed by thank you emails

As I wrote this out, I realized that a lot happened in two and a half hours at that event! Every time I walk in to a new situation, there is that momentary pause where I have to take a deep breath before diving in and making it all happen. But once I do that, things just start to flow for me, and should for you as well.

I’d love if you shared some of your face-to-face networking stories, even if things didn’t work quite out as planned. This is an AWESOME topic to learn from each other.

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The Days Matter!

Vector Illustration of flat calendar 2017 for Design, Website, Background, Banner. Minimalism Template for your company brand Calender

I was listening to a podcast earlier this week, where Carrie Wilkerson, The Barefoot Executive, was the guest. It was an informative, entertaining half hour. One thing really stood out for me. She was talking about getting on track with her 2017 goals, and sticking with them.

She said,

“The Days Matter”.

I wasn’t sure where she was going at first, but she soon explained giving a fitness/health example.

When you have yearly goals, it’s easy to put off something until tomorrow, next week, or even next month for that matter. “I can do that later”. I’ve personally battled that many times on my fitness journey, and during my career.

I’ve caught myself saying, “Well I’ve still got XX days until that vacation to the beach. There’s still lots of time to get in shape. I’ll just do that tomorrow.”

In my business, I’ve caught myself saying things like, “I’ll write that blog post tomorrow, or connect with more people tomorrow, or improve my online presence next week”. Next thing you know, I’m spinning my tires and not moving forward.

We can all talk ourselves out of doing something in a few seconds, with a seemingly good excuse. Come on, you know you have too!

I believe Carrie’s main point was annual goals are too far out. The time frame makes it easy to put off until later. My wife is reading the book, “The 12 Week Year”. And I think that is a similar philosophy.

When you are working on fitness, a business, things around the home and your personal life, having “must do’s” every day should be part of a consistent schedule that you adhere to.

This type of thinking has been around forever, just Carrie’s take really hit the spot for me. I hadn’t worked out since before Christmas, and it was really starting to wear on me. I’m back now, and looking forward to sticking with it going forward.

The days do matter, and if you take each 24 hour period very seriously, you’ll reach your goals much faster!

Let me leave you with this,

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Do You Paint A Picture With Stories?

Retro effect and toned image of notebook next to a fountain pen. Business concept image with handwritten text THE POWER OF STORY TELLING copy space available

When I was travelling for work recently, I finally started reading the latest book by ex-National Hockey League star Wayne Gretzky. I flipped to the back cover before I started reading. A quote struck me instantly,

When I think of online business and branding, stories are such a powerful way to convey messages. I consider myself pretty lucky, where I realized this early on and have always incorporated stories in to much of what I do.

Think of the most powerful lessons that you have learned over the years. Were the basis of those teachings statistics and stuff? Perhaps. More likely the things that were most memorable were derived from stories shared.

I just LOVE LOVE to convey my message via stories. Don’t ever be afraid to tell them. More often than not they will resonate with people, and get a conversation going.

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I have always said that everyone is in sales. Maybe you don’t hold the title of salesperson, but if the business you are in requires you to deal with people, you, my friend, are in sales.

Zig Ziglar

Tip #4 Where You At?

This is the fourth video in the ongoing series of my best social networking and personal branding tips.

Having your social media links as many places as possible will increase the chances that people connect with you there. If people think that you are only on Twitter for example, actively promoting where else you are will make them aware that you are elsewhere.

It’s all about eyeballs right? Not necessarily quantity of eyeballs, but people being able to consumer your content wherever they want.

Simple, Simple, Simple! Got It?

simple or complex keep it easy or simplify solve difficult problems with simplicity or complex solution no difficulty 3D illustration, isolated, on white

I’ve been thinking about the simplicity in teaching people about concepts and ideas over the past few days. I often refer back to one of my favourite quotes.



People are busy. They are seemingly running all the time.

They are consuming small, bite-sized pieces of information non-stop throughout the day.

When they want to learn something, complex, confusing information leads to overwhelm, and frustration in the topic(s) trying to be understood.

I’ve had very good discussions online lately with key contacts about:

  • Processes that I incorporate daily in my online business
  • Leadership
  • Building a following on websites

One common theme really resonated with people as we dove deeper in to the subjects.


Keeping it simple.

They LOVED that about my line of thinking.

Throughout my 9-5 career, and online “lives” I’ve found a “secret sauce” that works for me over and over again.

Find out what works, get systems in place and repeat as required.


These are not earth-shattering, revolutionary things.

Just key things that I implement in my daily work.

Easy right?

It can be. But as people start to struggle with teaching things (or learning themselves) they tend to quickly abandon those ideas and start to complicate it. That’s when the wheels can fall off.

Click this link to see a blog post of mine that focuses on simplifying your social networking activities.


Do you see some, “Duh Tim, everybody knows that” points?


There’s an argument that some of the points are so basic it’s almost embarrassing that I mentioned them.

Are you sure? Because how many people are not incorporating those tips in to their day to day social networking.


Quick self-check – Are you?


I’ll leave you with another great quote that I refer to often,



I’d love if you took a moment to comment on how you could simplify your work, and/or life in general as 2016 comes to a close, and we look forward to 2017.


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To Be Or Not To Be Facebook Friends, That Is The Question!

Yes no checked with red marker line yes selected with red tick and circled concept of motivation voting test positive answer poll selection choice modern vector illustration design on white

I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about personal and business relationships. The big question that comes up often is….

Can you mix the two?

Before I answer, I’ll go a bit deeper.

Should those relationships “merge” on social media channels?

Specifically on Facebook personal pages.

Here’s my big answer…..

Wait for it….

It depends 🙂

Sorry for the heightened drama as I provide no clarity to the question.

Or maybe I do.

I think the big thing to ask yourself is,

“Do I want to let business contacts to get to know me on a personal level?”

They can certainly get to know you via LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. But Facebook really sets the bar to still get to know the people behind the businesses better in my opinion.

In my situation, I will accept Facebook invitations from “business connections”, if it makes sense for myself and my business. I won’t just accept anyone.

I have accepted or asked for around 75 people to “be my friend” on Facebook over the last several years. It’s been amazing to get to know these close connections better. I’ve only had to “unfriend” a couple of people who were just not a good fit.

On the flipside, if somebody asks me to connect on Facebook who I don’t know, I will search them out on LinkedIn, and if a connection makes sense, will invite them to connect over there as a starting point.

Simple. And it works for me.

I’ve sat down with a couple of people over the past year who just want to keep business, business and personal, personal. That’s ok.

I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the people behind the businesses, and found out that I have much more in common with many of them than I would have ever imagined.

Many will now be life-long friends which is really cool.


What’s your take on the business vs. personal dynamic on Facebook?

Please leave a comment below when you have a moment. I’d love to hear from you.


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