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The Canadian Institute of Management, Northern Alberta/NWT chapter had the pleasure of hosting a professional education session for our membership featuring Tim Mushey in August, 2016.

Tim’s presentation on how to set up and utilize LinkedIn showed our membership the importance of keeping yourself present and active on this social media platform for the best in personal return. He uncovered and explained how to set up and maintain your profile. Valuable information provided; all questions answered expertly and new information learned by all.

I was very much engaged in Tim’s presentation as was the entire group attending – feedback from our membership was all positive with a request to have Tim back again.  The Q&A lasted much longer than the time allotted. Level of engagement was high, and that is one heck of a complement to a presenter. Excellent presentation, Tim. Hope to have you back soon.

Cindy Erdosi, CIM Northern Alberta/NWT Chapter


I have known Tim for years, he has always been very social, friendly, smiles often and is truly the guy everyone knows or wants to know. It was no surprise to me when he took that same attitude and built an amazing, helpful, consistent and solid brand for himself online. He is a master at staying engaged and never misses an opportunity to say hello or thank you. Other great social networking and sales gurus consider Tim a friend and I am glad to have him as a friend myself. I continue to learn from Tim; he deserves his place among the best!

Roger Demas,  Sales & Networking Insurance Professional


When I first started out online way back in about 2010, I remember coming across Tim and thinking “WOAH, now there’s a guy I’ve gotta meet!” His personality and warmth just jumped off the page. I reached out and we’ve been friends ever since. Unlike plenty of online connections I’ve made over the years, Tim is great at keeping our relationship strong. He is a master of knowing how to reach out and care for his people. If your goal is to learn to be a better networker on social media (and it should be) Tim is your go-to guy!

Jessica Sweet, Wishingwell Coaching


Tim puts the social back into social media. If you want to learn how to build an audience and eventually a community Tim is my first round draft pick. He is the best that I have seen. I have learned so much from Tim in the past few years that I would publicly like to thank him. Thank You Tim. You are the Best!

Pete Primeau, President of Primeau Furniture Sales


Tim Mushey is the kind of guy who’s easy to trust. Even though we’ve never met face-to-face, he’s been a great business friend to me over the years and I am happy to recommend him to my contacts. I find his content to be refreshing, as its educational and entertaining – the best of both worlds!

Robyn Davis, Trade Show Strategy Specialist


Tim has been a valued part of my network since 2013. He uses social networking in a way that many don’t – rather than collecting connections Tim builds relationships and adds value to those that he is connected to. His dedication to his community and native use of the social platforms that he is on has led to a rock star personal brand. I totally recommend Tim to help you build your social network and brand.

Richie Demarco, VP of Eveready Hardware,  AKA The Mayor of Hardware 


I discovered Tim’s blog several years ago and have always enjoyed his content and his approach. Since then, it has been exciting to see how he harnesses the power of social media to engage/connect with large numbers of people! Tim truly cares about the “social” aspect of social media and values contributions from his online community. His ability to navigate the intricacies and optimize the resources within the various social media platforms has garnered him my respect and no doubt the respect of his connections.

Chris Goodrow,  Father, sports fanatic, blogger, social media enthusiast


I once wrote an entire blog post that was inspired by Tim tweeting on a weekend when I knew he was camping with his son. The tweet was an auto-post, but still, he thought about keeping his network engaged while he was packing up the tent. The only thing I think about while packing up the tent is, “Am I bringing enough beer?” Tim is as consistent and dedicated to his network, and helping that network make connections, as anybody in my network. Pay attention to what he is doing. Note to self: that was good advice above, I should try following it myself.

Chris O’Donnell, Digital Strategist


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