Some Fun Social Media Experiment Data Coming Soon!

Over the past few months, I’ve been thinking a lot about topics that I want to teach, and what I REALLY enjoy doing. I know, it might sound crazy to do something that you actually like to do, but that’s what the experts recommend. All joking aside, I’m making a short list of things that fascinate me, and one of those things is the lack of socialness by many people on social media. I’m excited to do a social experiment over the next while.

In case you missed this post, this has been one of my more popular articles over the past several years, and discusses that topic.

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I wasn’t bitter, or feel like the world owed me something, but I was somewhat surprised by the lack of response.

Fast forward to today.

I have a new Twitter account that has been created specifically to develop a community of like-minded social beings by replying to and sharing tweets.  Yes I copied that right from my bio!


You can follow me at:

Tim Mushey “In Reply To” on Twitter

And I most certainly will follow back.


To be honest, I think it’s thrown some people off who stumble across me, because it’s the furthest thing from,

What’s in it for me, driving traffic, creating leads etc.” that you will see on Twitter.

I’m approaching 1000 followers and I have not published one blog post, video, or podcast episode. Nothing original!

I’ve been having a BLAST connecting with people from all backgrounds, and proving the point that you can create a following with minimal original content. I’m trending at about 99% sharing, commenting etc. With 1% –  the very rare original tweet.

I’ve met:

  • authors
  • speakers
  • mom bloggers
  • dad bloggers
  • fitness bloggers
  • health and nutrition peeps
  • affiliate marketers
  • leadership types
  • those darn sales people 🙂
  • musicians
  • artists
  • comedians

The list goes on and on. It’s been nice to meet so many new people, and reconnect with those who follow me elsewhere.



For the experiments, I’m going to reach out to a predetermined number of people over the period of one day in each iteration of the experiment, and give them a reasonable amount of time to reply.

I will look at things like:

  • Thank people for connecting, and follow-up with a question
  • Reply to a question that somebody has already posted that is clearly seeking a response
  • Retweet a post with a comment and ask a question
  • Send out a tweet suggesting that two people in my network get to know each other
  • Reply to some of the classic tweets that people post.. like when they are starting a vacation, just checked in somewhere, or clearly want to start a conversation
  • Thank people for retweeting my comment and then ask a question

If you are thinking that I’m going to be reaching out to Tony Robbins, Oprah or Ellen and am expecting a response, that’s not the goal. I’m going to reach out to every day people who have a moderate amount of followers.

I’m so excited to share my experiment results. If you have anything else that you want me to research and report back with, comment on this blog post, or send me a note via social media.

Let’s get social and keep this community growing!

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