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Welcome! My name is Tim Mushey.


I help people who want to live better lives, by doing things that they love through implementing simple systems to kick-start their social networking activities and creating personal brands that ROCK!

Don’t feel pressure to have products and/or services to sell first. You typically need to “build it before they come”.

If you are new to online business (or need to hit refresh on a current business), and can’t gain any momentum, been there done that. If you are a sales rep, or freelancer selling products an/or services for a corporation (real estate agent, financial planner etc.) and want to become better known online, “come on in”. If you “Google” your name and the search results bring tears to your eyes, it’s time to step up your game 🙂

You can find out more about My Story here.

Below are some posts to help get you started on my site.

I will give a “Tim’s Take” candid assessment of my experiences utilizing each social media channel. I will also share “Top 3 Tips For Newbies” for each platform that helped me early on within each post.

I’ve included links to the best “How To” articles in each post to set up social media profiles properly, and get up and running QUICKLY.



I can’t wait to dive deeper in to the abovementioned social media platforms, and different ones as I find the time to explore more.  I will be documenting my progress and keep you in the loop!


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Meeting with people face to face will also always be important to personal success and business development. This post focuses on that. Make the most of practice time!


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