Why All The Negative Online Garbage?

I’m a music fan. I love several different genres of music. I even like some bands that many people HATE like Nickelback and Cold Play.

GULP! There, I said it.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan was recently on the Conan O’Brien show and spoke about all of the hate directed towards Nickelback and comedian Carrot Top. He made some great points.

It’s ok not to like a band’s music, a comedian’s jokes, or a sports team. But you don’t have to publicly SLAM, BASH & BERATE them.

My friends have an ongoing joke that they bug me about liking Cold Play. It’s cool – it’s fun. I expect it. It’s a joke 🙂

There is so much online HATE dished out every second of every day.

Ever watch somebody get pummelled in an online discussion group for having a different opinion? Sad. We all have to agree on everything right?

Or how about the one person who shows up to a sporting event in your section with the visiting team’s jersey. LOOK OUT! To me, that’s one of the crazier “hates” that I have witnessed offline. Also sad. It can be made fun without the hate.

What does this say about our society today?

Why do many people focus on the negative instead of enjoying the positives of online interactions?

Watch the video, and check out my first online “rant” below. I posted this as a comment after seeing the Jim Gaffigan video as a trending topic on Facebook.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this “Tim’s Tangents” post either in the comments below, or via one of my social media channels.


I’m a pretty big Nickelback supporter. I live 3 hours from where they grew up. This is not to bias my opinion, but so you better understand that my knowledge of them and their background is better than most. I’ve seen them in concert six or more times, and they always leave everything on the stage. I love a band that gives it’s all for those supporting them. I’ve always been amazed at the amount of hate they get. Many people get so opinionated from behind their “screens”.

Like Jim said on Conan, “If you don’t like it, turn it off!”

Another funny comment is, “They write music that young kids could write”. Have these people ever heard of a band called AC DC? They’ve been playing three chords for over 40 years and still sells out stadiums world-wide. I could name numerous bands that are more “generic” than Nickelback.

The best thing that Jim said is,

My cool friends that are hating on Nickelback, are all waiting tables.” – BOOM!

Much of the world’s hate is based on jealousy. Nickelback does not have to work another day in their lives because of the profession they chose, and I guess that bothers some people. For the people who hate on Nickelback, Carrot Top and anyone else, why not focus on discussing the bands, comedians etc. online that they DO like, and how they’ve changed their lives for the better.

The last funny thing about the Nickelback hate. People say that Nickelback are just trying to write the generic hits that sell. Aren’t 90% of people who create music trying to sell it? Talk to Gene Simmons about selling stuff. He has never ever wavered on the fact that he tries to sell every single thing related to KISS every moment of every day. This is a business ya know?

I’m not a MASSIVE fan of Nickelback any more, but I will always support them. Recently, in Edmonton, Canada, 15 bands came together for a benefit concert to support the victims of the Fort McMurray wildfires. Who was the first band to commit, knowing that they would not make 1 cent, and just be there for their fellow Albertans? Yep, Nickelback.

Let’s stop all of the online hate, not just Nickelback. Let’s reach out to our favourite band, comedian, author, speaker or just every day person in our networks and say, “I appreciate you”. So often people just sit and wait to “pounce” on something that a person does wrong, or rant about something they don’t like.

Why not flip that, and “pounce” on something that you do like. Next time you are about to “hate”, or somebody you know is about to “hate”, remind yourself (or them) that there are better uses of your (or their) time.

Come on in and join us! There is no cover charge at this party!

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