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I first picked up a pen and paper in February of 2010. I had just started a new job, after losing the previous one three months earlier.

I fell in love with the idea of creating an online business, making it rich as fast as I could, and relocating to an island paradise. I’m still not sure what made me think that could happen, but I thought that way for a while. Then a heart-to-heart conversation with my wife made me realize that was unrealistic.

Once I had that reality check, I started to write as often as I could – sometimes a few times a week, sometimes less. I really enjoyed writing about sales and leadership, and kept a few other business ideas in a “For Later” file. I was hesitant to launch a blog. Who the heck would care what I had to say? I was just a regular guy, with no expert status, no nothing. I kept writing, and in the interim starting to meet many fantastic people on the social media channels that I had joined (LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter).

Many people had blogs or full websites, and I finally took the leap and launched a blog early in 2012. I really enjoyed that experience. I created (and shared other people’s content) 2-4 times per week for close to two years. My frequency of posting dropped off a bit after that. My areas of interest started to change, and I was trying to decide what my next move would be. I had not made one dollar with my blog, and that started to wear on me a bit. I had helped a lot of people but had nothing to show for it. The people I met, and the knowledge I gained along the way was fantastic, but I was disappointed in myself that I had not monetized the blog at all.

Late 2014 was a transitional time as I decided on the direction of a new full website and business, after enduring a second job loss in five years. When I had time off, I had a lot of time to think about things. I learned the hard way that hiring a local web designer was not going to come cheap, and that stressed me out. I decided to take the leap and create my own website. I will discuss that journey later, but for now in short, I had my good days and bad. As I dove deeper and deeper in to the design, the reality that I was going to start a part time business started to really hit home. I was excited, scared, optimistic, and sceptical all at the same time. There were days that I wanted to abandon my plans all together, but I always shook it off and moved forward slowly.

During the fall of 2015, I ran in to some unexpected health issues, which I believe was a culmination of a few different things that were weighing on my mind. One thing high on the list was getting the website done, and finally launching my business.

I don’t want to scare you off by sharing my journey. That’s just the way it happened for me, and there will be many more stories to share about everything I did during the time period on future blog posts. You could get a blog up and running in a day. More elaborate websites can take longer. Or you can just hire somebody to do it for you. But as you decide what direction to take, I want you to remember one thing as you develop fantastic connections via social networking and become a force out there with your personal brand……..


Seriously enjoy the journey.

This was not fun for me for a while and I almost quit working towards a business. It would have been a terrible shame after all the effort I put in to my content over the years, as well as time spent building my social networks and personal brand. You may have those days too, but sit back, take a deep breath and remember why you started.

Be realistic with how much time you can commit to this without burning out, cut other things out of your life that are time wasters, and be consistent. I can certainly help you be efficient with your time online, so you can move things forward as quickly as you want. But you have to want it – you have to want to build something and explore new opportunities for your life. You can read all of the motivational content that you want, but the drive to move things forward can only come from inside you.

The title of this category of my blog, “Tim’s Tangents” is so exciting for me! I have no idea which way this will go, but I’m gonna to have a blast just writing from the heart on topics that interest me. I felt it was important to give you a bit of an idea of my journey culminating with the launching of this website that I am so thankful for that you are navigating on today!



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