The Power Of A LinkedIn Conversation!

I posted this question on LinkedIn last week, and the amount of engagement has been amazing! Over 35,000 as of today.

The question was,

I really need your opinion on something. I’ve started to delete selected new connections for being non-responsive and now I’m second guessing myself. Here’s one example. A recruiter reached out with a generic invite to connect. I decided to accept, as an experiment. I sent my typical personalized welcome email, with a note of places to connect with me on social media. But then I took it a step further. I asked if there was a specific reason they wanted to connect. Was there an opportunity that wanted to discuss, or something else. I gave them 7 business days to reply, and if they did not, I decided I would delete them as a connection.

Surprise surprise no reply. HELP! Was I ….

  • Too harsh? I should just connect with everyone and not be so sensitive
  • I did a good thing, we all need to be more selective with who we connect with
  • I have to respect people’s busy schedules and not expect replies
  • Thinking about this is a time suck and I should just get back to more important things 🙂

I can’t wait to hear back from you all. This is going to be fun!

The amount of comments and responses on my LinkedIn post has been truly overwhelming. I would LOVE if you stopped by and gave your two cents.

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