The Story Of The Grinder



I heard the phrase “are you grinding it out” once and it inspired this post!


The grinder….

  • was never a superstar at any sport as a kid, but what they lacked in talent, they more than made up for in heart and desire
  • had trouble maintaining their “A” and “B” grades from high school in university, even failing one course!
  • had several jobs over a few year period, struggling to find the right fit
  • while firmly established in their career, and was let go from jobs on two different occasions
  • was inspired one day, to pick up a pen and started to write
  • finally took a leap of faith after many months and started a blog
  • dove deep in to their profession and researched heavily in the internet marketing space
  • started to connect with incredible people online via social media one by one, day by day. They kept moving forward using the mantra “A Little Bit Every Day” (thanks Jeb Blount!)
  • struggled with the demands of a day job, a busy family life and extra curricular activities; but still often made time to write and develop their network
  • like most people, has good days and bad days, but refuses to give up; keeps moving forward and constantly reminds themselves how close they are to their goals



The grinder is ME, and I am proud to say that I refuse to give up or take steps backwards! Some days are better than others, but I constantly remind myself how badly I want it!


  • Are you a grinder, or do you need to start grinding it out?
  • Are you moving forward, or have you recently taken steps back further from your goals?
  • Do you have a “don’t quit” mentality, or are you sabotaging your thoughts with “well I guess this is all I am meant to do in life”?


I am looking forward to hearing from you!


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