Tim’s Take On Facebook – An Introduction

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I’ve had a personal Facebook page for many years, and started a facebook fan page for my business in 2013. It takes work to get fans to “like” your page, but the added exposure can be well worth it. I am learning more and more each day, and look forward to sharing that information with you over time.

One of my main motivators for having a fan page is engagement. I want to get people not only “liking” my content, but commenting on it too. I never miss an opportunity to reply and keep the conversation going.

Facebook is great for that.

Facebook has a good explanation of how a page differs from a personal profile. See it here. 

There are so many other great answers on Facebook’s help page. Just do a search and see what comes up with your questions.

I’ve enjoyed building my audience through a page, but still maintain a lot of engagement on my personal page with friends and business connections. I’ve enjoyed connecting with business contacts on my personal page too. People often debate if you should mix “business and pleasure” on Facebook. I didn’t for the longest time, but am glad I changed my mind. It has been great to get to know people above and beyond the business persona that I see on a computer screen.

Some people run their personal page like a business fan page. I much prefer to have a business page and primarily keep business fan page activities for business, and personal for personal. That is my recommendation.

I’ve included a link to the Facebook website that explains how to develop a Fan page. Click the link, then go to step #1 to create page.

Top 3 Facebook Fan Page Tips For Newbies

  1. Use photos and graphics whenever possible – Facebook has become a visual medium more than ever now. I even see it often with my content. Posts that include a picture or graphic typically get more likes and comments. Text overlay is very prevalent on posts now too!
  2. Engage – Reply as often as possible to people who take the time to comment. It really is a big deal. Posting and not responding is broadcasting. It is called “social” media right?
  3. Encourage people to get your page’s notifications – Not only can people like your page, but they can get notifications to make sure they don’t miss any of your posts. There is a small icon to the right of the “like” button when you like a page from a laptop. They can click on that and a drop down menu appears. Select “Notifications – All On” to get all of a page’s posts.

Click here to view my fan page profile.


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