Tim’s Take On Twitter – An Introduction

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If I was only able to utilize one social media platform going forward, hands down it would be Twitter. I’m still not sure why. Maybe it’s because I have a secondary Twitter account that I reserve for my loves of hockey and music. My guilty pleasure “break in the action” to see what is up with my favourite teams and bands.

Or maybe it’s because I have very close connections that I communicate with through my business profile on a regular basis. We often take the time to promote each other,  introduce each other to new people, and share interesting content.

I find it’s really easy to use once you understand the basics. I can consume as much content as I want in a relatively short period of time.

Twitter has a great “Getting Started With Twitter” page. There is excellent content there, if you are just starting and need to create an account. Or already have an account and need to formulate a new strategy. Click here for the link.

Top 3 Twitter Tips For Newbies

  1. Utilize hashtags with posts to extend your reach – Hashtags are essentially search items that are typed in at the top of the Twitter main page. Just type “#” in front of the word (no space) and see what comes up. It shows “Top” search returns, but also “All”. I like to check out “All” to see how often the hashtag is being used. If it comes up with decent frequency I will include it on relevant posts.
    • It’s ok to use multiple hashtags per post, I just wouldn’t use 10:-) If you don’t use hashtags, only the people who follow you would see a post.
  2. Develop lists of people to follow in your areas of interest – Once you start following a larger amount of people, it tends to get difficult to consume all the content that comes through your feed. I LOVE to use lists to condense content in to smaller, more consumable “chunks”. After you follow somebody, you can click on the icon to the left of the “follow” button. Then “Add/or Remove” them from a list. There is the ability to add multiple lists and keep them public or private. I keep some of each.
    • This has been so helpful to me and I have many lists. Examples include sales, marketing, social media, people in my home city etc. I even have a special list to make sure that I pay special attention to those people who have taken the time to share my content.
  3. Don’t be a “Follow-aholic” – Following “everyone and their dog” and hope they follow back is a bad idea. I learned that the hard way. You will hit a follower limit and will be unable to follow others until more people follow you. You can unfollow people so you can follow more people, but that just takes work! Are you following what I am saying? 🙂

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