I had a long chat recently with a great online connection. It was nice finally corresponding by speaking one-on-one rather than just typing. He had some fantastic insight in to the concept of people really thinking through why they are doing something.

The definition of why is,

“For what reason or purpose.”



  • Why Can’t This Be Love? – Van Halen
  • Why Go? – Pearl Jam
  • Why Try? – Ariana Grande
  • Why Don’t You Get A Job? – Offspring
  • Why Don’t You Try? – Kelly Clarkson

No… not those why’s 🙂

“For what reason or purpose are you attempting to build your social networks

and personal brand”?

It seems like an easy question on the surface, but you might need a minute to really think about this.

(Pause – This is you thinking now)

Are you looking to…

  • Improve results in your day job?
  • Potentially launch a business and want to develop an audience, make great connections and become well-known?


Have you already…

  • Launched a business (with or without products) and now realize that you should have put in the legwork first building “a community”?
  • Or perhaps something else that I’ve missed.

Whatever your situation, you have to know why you are doing this.

It CANNOT be something vague like,

“Well, I know that I have to be on social media, and nobody really knows who I am, so I guess I should start”.


You can do better 🙂

Your “why” will keep you going. It will help you focus when you get off track.

For example, if you are a sales representative and the phone and email are the only way you are prospecting right now, your “why” will help you find other ways to get people’s attention.

If you are a budding entrepreneur with a cool new business idea, your “why” will help you test the waters and see if you can make a go of this.

We’ve all taken on projects in our lives without great thought being given before jumping in. Sometimes it works out, but conventional wisdom suggests that it is better to plan ahead and know where you are going first.

If you are going to commit the time to be online, build your brand and be consistent, you better know why you are doing it first. I’ve seen numerous people go at this hard for a short period of time and just quit suddenly. It’s always sad and frustrating that they did not take the time to figure out their “why” ahead of time



Other people may not know your “why” at first, but as long as you do, that’s an incredible start to your journey.

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