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One of the biggest challenges that I have had in the online space is getting ahead of myself. I follow so many people that are doing amazing things. They seem to have found the secret formula for success, and appear to live perfect lives. What I have to remind myself of is they have been at this for many months, or sometimes years.

Let me repeat that, YEARS 🙂

This takes time. And we all have to start somewhere!

Think about the athlete who wins a championship in their sport, or a gold medal at the Olympics. The years of extreme commitment and sacrifice may not be well documented, but we all know it happens. We just get to see the fruits of their labour culminating with them at the pinnacle of their sport.  The actual act of “the winning” is the sexy part. Everyone wants to see that!

That’s where I come in.

I will help you from day 1.

The day you decide “I can do this“. Or the day you decide that it’s time to refocus your current business. You’re gonna get your hands dirty. Starting a valuable network of like-minded meaningful connections is going to set you up for years of success down the road. Building name recognition that people come to know, like and trust (cliche but true) will help you tremendously as well.

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